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Students sitting together and talking in a common area of bt365全程担保

入学 & 金融援助

发现你的人生事业是一个旅程. 席梦思开始准备.

Students sitting in a common area in the Main College Building at bt365全程担保


与今天的动态社区超过4,500名学生, bt365全程担保继续前进. Our commitment can be seen in our facilities for teaching, learning, and living at Simmons.



Simmons was founded for equality nearly 125 years ago with the idea that women, 通过教育, could achieve greater financial security and independence. This idea – using education to advance social and 经济 股本 – remains the core DNA of Simmons. While there were once over 200 women’s colleges across the nation, only about 30 remain today and Simmons is the only remaining women’s-centered college in the City of Boston.




Our average undergraduate class has 15 students. Here you'll learn from faculty members who are leaders in their fields and mentors in the classroom.



Our curriculum is customizable and interdisciplinary, giving you the opportunity to explore new subjects in unforeseen ways.

An aerial photo of the Main College Building on the Simmons campus, 以波士顿市为背景


Our location in Boston offers endless internship, 研究, and career opportunities. bt365全程借鉴了这座城市的许多文化, 历史, 经济, 科学, and educational resources to offer an unparalleled student experience.



bt365全程担保 is a nationally recognized private university located in the heart of Boston. We offer the only undergraduate program for women in Boston and numerous graduate programs open to all.




In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and National Poetry Day, Simmons’ Multicultural Center and the Office of Diversity, 股本, and Inclusion (ODEI) welcomed the Simmons community to an in-person and virtual gathering on the evening of 10月ober 10 featuring Louise Bernice Halfe (Cree), 也被称为天空舞者, 加拿大第九届国会桂冠诗人.

bt365全程担保 Main College Building in the fall

This fall, six new faculty members join the Simmons School of Social Work. Their diverse clinical and 研究 repertoires include trauma, 妇女的健康, 儿童福利, 体重耻辱, 物质滥用, 青少年心理健康. These dedicated scholars and practitioners will inspire Simmons students to fight in股本 and empower marginalized individuals.

A side by side image with Julie Bliven alongside the cover of her book "Sometimes Shy"

Charlesbridge Publishing Children’s Book Editor Julie Bliven ’05 ’08MA worked with Simmons classmate Elaine Dimopoulos ’08MFA on her most recent novel, 今年出版了她的处女作图画书. She shares how being a writer has helped her be an editor, and vice versa.